Colpoy's Bay Proposed Lot Map - c. 1870

Figure:  Map of Colpoy's Bay with lot assessments proposed in 1870. (Source:  Albemarle:  A History of the Township)

Property Lot Number/Location
Kalbfleisch House Lot #62
Whicher's Mill Shore Reserve labelled "Grist Mill"
Hughenden (Whicher House) North of Lots 54/53
John Wood's Mill Labelled "Krib's Mill"
"Government" Dock Labelled "Gleason's Wharf"
Whicher's Store Lot #6
Forest Home (Shackelton) Hotel Rebuilt on Lot 3 in 1898
Women's Institute Hall
(previously, Cunningham home & blacksmith shop)
Lot #2
Frame's Falls North of "Krib's Mill"
The Pruder House Lot #1
Weigh Scales Lot #4
Tennis Court Land labelled "Brown St."
Parke House Lot #12
Spragge's Hill Further West on Road from Bottom-Left
Whicher's Hill Albemarle St., North of Kribs/Mill Rd.
Edgehill Cemetery Top of Whicher's Hill, about 3 lot-widths north of Lot 5
Bell's Hall Lot 57

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